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Posted by on 10/21/2012 in 申请参与 | 8 comments

欢迎任何对流体力学及相关领域感兴趣或者从事专业活动的朋友加入团队,可以回复本贴或者将申请信件发至团队邮箱。 道德和法律原则:不得利用本站危害国家安全、泄露国家秘密,不得侵犯国家社会集体的和公民的合法权益,不得利用本站制作、复制和传播下列信息: ...

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ELBM: 熵格子Alpha求解C++程序

Posted by on 05/5/2012 in Generalized LBM, LBM理论 | 0 comments

这分享我使用的求解ELBM中非线性Alpha方程的核心代码,希望这对感兴趣熵格子方法的朋友有用!欢迎大家使用! //----------------------------------------------------------- #include <math.h> //----------------------------------------------------------- //External variables used in the computation. //----------------------------------------------------------- #define TOL            5e-16 #define   MAXIT        200 #define   TOLL          1e-7 // double     log_[9]={1./8,0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5,2,2,2,2}; double     F_eval_r(double); void         FD_eval_r(double,double *,double *); double   ...

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LBM: 格子单位与物理单位间的转换

Posted by on 04/8/2012 in LBM FAQ | 45 comments

1. 对于无量纲系统 考虑无量纲系统:假定格子数为 ,时间步数为 , 离散空间和时间尺度 和 分别给出如下: 此时,和的关系给出如下: 同时,我们有 那么,格子速度和黏性决定如下: . 由于无量纲速度为1, 所以我们有 对于,真实物理系统如法炮制,只需根据物理,重新定义,然后得到. 2. 真实物理系统 网友问题 物理参数为:=101325Pa =101225Pa, 压强差为100Pa Lx=25mm Ly=1mm,求出特征速度=13.9m/s, Re=920 空气 粘度为1.5X(10^-5),划分为250X10 问题:如何确定格子参数? <1>....

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Palabos 2012 Challenge

Posted by on 02/20/2012 in PalaBos/OLB | 0 comments

Palabos 2012 Challenge On behalf of FlowKit Ltd, I would like to announce the launch of the Palabos 2012 Challenge. This contest offers rewards for lattice Boltzmann simulations that are achieved with the open-source Palabos library and that solve a problem in a specific applied field. The best submissions get a 1'000 Euro reward (1st prize), one of FlowKit's support formulas for Palabos (2nd and 3rd prize), or a useful office gadget (4th prize). Details about the contest can be obtained at the web address . All contributions will be published after the contest and will be available to the community under the terms of an...

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LBM:Palabos 数据处理机制

Posted by on 01/2/2012 in PalaBos/OLB | 1 comment

数据处理器(非局部操作)   徐辉...

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